Done well, email marketing builds relationships, drives sales and measurable profits. Done poorly, email marketing is wasteful, intrusive and potentially even detrimental to your company.



Your first step should be to decide what you want email marketing to do for your business. Please contact us to and let’s discuss how using our Four Step Services can help your business.

Do you want to:
… begin email marketing, but need help?
… to switch to Constant Contact®, but need help?
… review and improve your email marketing best practices?
… market to leads captured from events, your website, sweepstakes, registration or at the point of sale?

Why choose us?
– Fixed price, fixed term engagement
– You get your account, your design, your message to your customers
– No Obligation – your Constant Contact account is yours to keep
– When complete, you choose to a) continue on your own, b) continue with us or c) stop with no further obligation

Take advantage of our 4x4x6 Offer

– 4x – Four Step Consulting Services. Strategy, Setup/Design, Deployment, Performance Analysis
– 4x – Four Emails. We will send your first four emails
– 6x – Six Months. You may send unlimited messages as your six month pre-paid Constant Contact account included

Get started with email marketing best practices using your account, your messages and your html designs with our four step consulting services (Up to a $5,000 value starting at just $1,995)


Step 1: Establish your email marketing strategy, objectives & campaign plan
Step 2: Set up your Constant Contact email account and design your html messages
Step 3: Deploy your first four (4) email messages to your customer list
Step 4: Measure performance with industry leading reporting and analysis

Four Step Consulting Services Checklist Download

Order a fixed price package and start using email marketing best practices to send messages to your customers.

Total number of contacts in your email list* Four Step Consulting
Package Price *
A. up to 500 $1,995
B. 501 – 2,500 $2,295
C. 2,501 – 5,000 $2,495
D. 5,001 – 10,000 $2,695
E. 10,001 – 25,000 $2,995
25,000 + Call us!


* Prices include:
– Six (6) months of email service provider (ESP) fees and unlimited email messages with Constant Contact. Pricing is based on the number of contacts in your email list. Send as many emails as you want without effecting your monthly fees
– Our fixed price, fixed term email marketing service packages provide account setup, html message design, deployment and analysis of your first four (4) emails
– At the end of the consulting period, it is your choice:
a) take the program ‘in-house’ and continue on your own or
b) renew our consulting services or
c) terminate with no further obligation


After check out, you will receive:
    1. Immediately, your order confirmation and credit card receipt (two emails)

    2. Within 48 hours, a welcome email from the Expo-Commerce team to kickoff your Four Step Consulting Services 

Additional information:
– Four Step Consulting Services CHECKLIST. Download.
– Four Step Consulting Services up to a $5,000 value starting at just $1,995. Download.